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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Greening up our Studio

In our quest to protect our environment, we relished the opportunity to make our new studio represent everything we believe in. Armed with our GreenLeaders certification, and all our knowledge, how hard could it be? Well, not as easy as one would think! Everyone has to be on board to make this work. Even your installers need to be in line when it comes to putting your green space together. We were a bit shocked to find that green resources, are really not as simple to acquire within a reasonable budget without some creativity. Try finding a 10 foot bamboo counter on the East Coast. Virtually impossible , without some fabrication, and a seam of some sort. While we could have sourced this from Portland, we had to weigh a few factors;
the shipping costs that exceeded the cost of the counter itself, delays our suppliers encountered since the product was stuck at a port on it's way from China..or was it Thailand?

Yes, a seamless 1.5" 10 foot counter would have really been awesome, but getting an 8 footer, with half the thickness, and half the price, sourced (if not manufactured) locally, makes us feel a whole lot better!

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