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Monday, July 30, 2012

5 Things to Remember: A Series

We're back and ready to blog! Please join ModernDomicile as we show our blog a little TLC, by Launching our new blog series titled: 

"5 Things to Remember" in Everything Design, Home, and Lifestyle. 

This series will take place every monday and will offer often forgotten tid-bits of information. Our first post are for those followers who are planning, or are about to move to a new "Domicile". Enjoy! 

5 Things to Remember: Before You Move-In! 

Everyone knows moving is an often stressful and daunting task. And once you move in, the bigger challenge may be to decide where all your items should go. 

After all the chaos, you need a cozy and comfortable place to relax. We have created, what we consider to be, the 5 most important things to consider and remember before you move into a new space. 

1. Budget the Space 

Talk with painters, carpenters, and the inspectors to get rough estimates so you will be able to budget and prioritize your projects accordingly. Decide on if you want all the "must-have" work done in advance, or if you can live in the new space while the work takes place. Yes, you may have spent a fortune on a down-payment or deposit and rent, but decide if it is worth living with fumes and noise. Also, take inventory of items you already own and want to keep so you will have an idea of how much you can spend on the other items you need. 

2. Visualize the Space 

Since you won't have the luxury of designing a familiar space, it is crucial that you visualize how you want the space by using renderings, floor plan evaluations, or simply taking a lot of photographs when you are in the space. 
It is equally important to take measurements! That way, you will be sure every nook and cranny is accounted for! 

3. Discuss with Your Partner

It is important to equally love the space you and your partner (or roommate) are about to share. If you both disagree, try to find a common thread that can be used to attain both of your needs. Would you have a Neon Club chair as a compromise? Try to use accessories and art to bring both tastes into the space. It is possible to just literally create boundaries. Maybe the living room is your style, but the bedroom is your partners. 

Hint: Choose the visible part of the home if you can! 

4. Coordinate Deliveries

If you are planning on sending some pieces ahead of your move-in date, make sure that whoever is at the receiving end (if any), is aware of your items. Often times, a concierge or doorman will have specific rules to abide by in order to accept packages on your behalf. If deliveries aren't properly coordinated, your pieces may end up late, damaged, or stolen if left unattended.

5. Re-Key

You never know who is walking around with a key to your new apartment. Make sure you have your locks changed and new keys before you move-in. Changing the locks or re-keying locks by the local locksmith will ensure your privacy, security, and safety. 

Next Week: 5 Things to Remember:Before you Buy Lighting for Your Home. 

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