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Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Things to Remember: Before you buy lighting for your home

 There are many lighting terms, calculations, and a myriad of other factors to bear in mind during a lighting purchase. Achieving the correct desired lighting can become an arduous ordeal. However, if you keep in mind these 5 key tips, you will achieve your  lighting expectations! 

1.   Determine your budget from the outset

This can help ascertain your range of choices available, and in turn save time.  Make energy saving a priority in lighting selection.  Consider changing existing bulbs as well.

2.   Change the lighting that will provide the biggest impact

If you cannot change your lighting all at once, change the lighting your guests will see first.  Outdoor, Foyer and Guest Bathroom lighting are good choices.

3.   Consider the existing lighting and/or wiring  

A decision to hang a chandelier in a room that does not have up to date existing wiring can become more expensive if not properly evaluated.  Obtain quotes from a licensed electrician to determine your total cost.  Make sure you know your total costs.

4.   Determine the existing feel and intended use of the room
The lighting required for any room can be ascertained from the intended functions you plan on performing in a room.  Make sure you have a mix of different light sources at different levels ( read dimmers) that  create a great atmosphere, and provide  appropriate task lighting for whatever you do in that space (reading, using the computer, getting dressed).  Here is a quick guide for the different lighting types;
  • Ceiling fixtures are best used for general lighting. Chandeliers, Pendants and Recessed lights fall into this category.  Those with down-lights can offer double-duty as task lighting.
  • Portable lamps will create general, task, and accent lighting, but have the added bonus of being mobile.
  • Recessed lighting allows for more options for the rest of your lighting needs  Track lighting provides flexibility for your changing needs.
  • Dimmers can add drama to any room featuring a chandelier.

5.   Leverage the expertise of in-store (Free) Lighting Consultants

When going lighting shopping, take along images of your space, swatches, paint chips, magazine cuttings and other items to assist in visualizing the space and your lighting needs. When you arrive at the store, make sure to take advantage of the lighting consultants and ask for their opinion on lighting for your space! 

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