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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Features of Modern Design

Modern design is typically thought to be minimal, simplistic and possess somber features. Recently, a softer side of modern design has been surfacing with delicate designs and flowing lines which all come together to create a comfortable and fresh living space. We will highlight a few key features of incorporating a softer side to modern design;

1. Aim for fullness without complication

The lighter wood pleasantly balances the dark countertops throughout the space. Carefully thought out contrasting pieces offers a pleasant feeling of wholeness without overwhelming the space.

2. Modern doesn't always mean pristine

A shag rug and loose flowers are the perfect accessories to soften the misconception of a sterile environment often associated with modern design.

3. Offer a solid contrast and reference point for a room

This provides an aesthetic sense of security in an open space.

4. Modern doesn't always mean sparse

Various textures, rugs, colors, and different sources of lighting throughout the space, can be used skillfully to add depth to a space. 

5.  Add some natural elements to the space

Modern can be natural, quite literally.  This space illustrates that modern has indeed evolved from cold and edgy to soft and natural.  Who wouldn't want to cozy up here with a book?

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