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Monday, August 13, 2012

Five things to Remember: Before you Paint

You have navigated through  the vast selection of brands, finishes, and other options,and now is the time to paint.  Armed with the tips below, you should be better equipped for the "painters" challenge;

1.  Prepare to Prep

Do not assume a coat of paint will hide the flaws in your walls.  Fill holes, sand evenly, and ensure your canvas is ready for your "masterpiece".

2. Primer should be Primary

Use a primer to obtain professional-looking results.  Aside from blocking stains, it also provides excellent adhesion for the top-coat of paint.  Tint the primer with a small amount of the top-coat paint for even better coverage.

3. Invest in Canvas Drop Cloth

Canvas can be reused, and is pliable to move around odd shaped areas.  In addition, they are tough and resistant to rips and punctures!

 4. Mind how you Match

If you have a wall color, and you decide you just want to touch up some areas, do not rely on the original paint information.  With time, paint once applied, changes color.  Take a chip off the wall, and take it to a paint store where it can be matched.



5. Watch the Weather

On a very humid day, water-based paint takes longer to dry.

Remember to keep track of the brand, color, and finish of all paint used for future use.

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